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Author Benefits

We live in a fast digital age. Publishing has moved on. The reason that we charge reasonable prices is that we use the most up-to-date technology to produce your books.

No stock purchases for the author, unless you want copies at cost price. When a title is bought from one of our online retailers (including amazon), stock replacement orders are printed. This is the beauty of print-on-demand. Orders are fulfilled without stock being held by the author.

You get:

  • An ISBN number and barcode
  • A wide choice of book sizes.
  • Your manuscript is formatted
  • The manuscript is edited for grammar and spelling
  • A very high quality printed book.
  • A copy sent to the British Library
  • Title information registered with Nielsen Book Data.
  • Full distribution with the major on-line retailers such as amazon worldwide, Barnes & Noble and many others.
  • Distribution as an eBook if wanted.
  • Distribution through amazon Kindle.
  • Royalty payments on a prompt and regular basis.
  • A human contact at all times.

    The author only has to write the book

    The process is straightforward. The set up is done with minimum charges for the author. High charges by other publishers only benefit their profits! We want authors to have their books carefully published and sold at a minimum cost to them.

    emp3books was set up by authors who had been frustrated by the cost and lack of access to traditional publishers. We have been there and now we can do it for you!

  • Our Complete Package
    A one off payment covers the complete package cost of publishing and distributing a paperback book and the eBook Kindle version.
    Please contact us for the costs. You will be nicely surprised at the price. And there is no pressure or committment.

    Our price includes all the costs for:
  • A 'short edit' that means your manuscript is reviewed for errors in the grammar, spelling and flow of the book. Mistakes are corrected and suggestions made to improve the plot and readability of your work. Thorough proof reading is chargeable if required.

  • Text is set up from author's Word file or print ready pdf.
    We format the text to the size of book chosen (usually chargeable by other publishers). They require a formatted text file that is correct in every detail. This is a costly and difficult job if you are not familiar with the requirements of setting up a book.

  • Colour cover design and set up (front, spine and rear).
    Again a properly designed and formatted book cover is a requirement by other publishers and this can be a difficult and costly process.

  • The provision of an ISBN number and its transfer to a bar code on the rear cover.
    The ISBN remains the property of emp3books in common with publisher practice. You may provide your own ISBN number if you wish. This is expensive if bought by an author. £99.00 for a single ISBN is the lowest cost but bulk buying makes them cheaper per ISBN. See Nielsen ISBN

  • Proof copy sent to the author for approval. The price includes p&p.

  • Digital Catalogue Fee first payment. This keeps the title on the live database for POD. Cost is £7.00 plus VAT per year after thereafter.

  • Advising Nielsen book data of the addition of your title and providing cataloguing details.

  • Sending 6 copies of the book to the British Library.

  • There is no outlay for stock. Books are printed as they are sold so there is no inventory.

  • Your only cost is for setting up your book.

  • When the books sell you receive royalties.

  • The promise is that this is an honest, ethical and open company that will fulfil its commitment to its authors. We only make our money (part of the production cost) when you sell books so it is in our interest to help sell them for you.

    There are no catches, no hidden charges. And the author retains the copyright.

    We also offer a number of packages to get your printed books to the market. These include manuscript editing and proof reading as well as the normal service of taking your manuscripts direct to press and distribution through online channels.

  • Where our books are sold

    Using the distribution strength of the Ingram Book Company, your book always appears in stock and available to all Ingram customers. With over 30,000 wholesalers, retailers and booksellers in over 100 countries your titles will gain the maximum exposure in the market today. With print to order, your book is printed and ready for shipment in 12 hours or less.

    Distribution Partners
    Ingram,, Baker & Taylor, Barnes & Noble, NACSCORP, Espresso Book Machine

    UK:,, Bertrams, Blackwell, Book Depository, Coutts, Gardners, Mallory International, Paperback Shop, Eden Interactive Ltd., Aphrohead, I.B.S - STL U.K

    Kindle and ebooks

    KIndle books are sold by amazon. An e-book (for electronic book: also ebook) is the digital media equivalent of a conventional printed book. Such documents are usually read on personal computers, or on dedicated hardware devices known as e-book readers or e-book devices.

    We supply your digital books directly to customers through amazon Kindle or many other online retailers if requested.

    When we set up your printed book we can also able to produce and supply eBooks for sale in many outlets at no extra charge.

    Please contact for more information or to discuss your book.

    Terms and Conditions

    Summary of Terms and Conditions.
    Full terms available on request.

    • The author guarantees that the author owns the copyright for all materials submitted or has the full written permission of the copyright holder to publish materials copyrighted by other people.

    • Materials that are considered to be racist, sexist, pornographic, blasphemous, defamatory, libelous or otherwise offensive will be rejected by emp3books.

    • The author is legally responsible for all content of the book.

    • The ISBN number remains the property of emp3books in common with publisher practice. You may provide your own ISBN number if you wish.

    • Proof copies are sent by pdf file.

    • A printed proof copy of the book will be sent to the author for approval before the book is made available for distribution. Further printed proof copies are charged at cost price.

    • By law, a copy of the book is required by the British Library Copies. The cost for other libraries is the author's cost price plus p&p